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19th Century - "Prof. Bouillard used a steel drill to puncture the forehead of a dog in two places, and inserted a red-hot iron. The animal howled for 6 days without stopping.."

1923 - "The cat [to which the eyelash nerve had been removed, with the entire nerve nodule] was immersed in freezing water. After 3 minutes it began to shake, after 10 minutes its pupils began to dilate. Then its suprarenal gland was removed and the experiment was repeated."

1949 - "14 cats were skinned alive. [It was declared that they were being anesthetized with urethane, which does not have any analgesic effect at all].. After each cat's skin was removed, experimenters inserted a thermometer into its rectum and administered adrenaline. Result: it was shown that the temperature of a cat skinned alive drops even when he is administered adrenaline."

2005 - "Study n 101. To clarify the role of the post-synaptic component in competition, we drastically reduced the activity of muscle fibres by the overexpression of a potassium channel… in anesthetized animals that are 4-5 days old. Then we apply eight impulses of 100 V/cm lasting 25 msec at a frequency of 1 hz with electrodes attached to the sides of the leg. 10 days after electroporation, muscles are differentiated and studied in vitro.."

"Study n. 174. Following a period of enrichment, animals were tested in a Morris water maze - (that is, they were forced to swim for survival at various levels in a tub filled with water, ndr)."

Any other original ideas?

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